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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Guest Writer - David Matthew Schultz

Here at East Village Afternoon, we love for our friends and readers to share their art, photos and opinion articles. Our latest Guest Writer is Miami-based David Matthew Schultz who writes for his site www.graphostylus.com, among other websites. A self-described terrible multi-tasker, he is currently writing two novels; his first novel, he tells us, is languishing in a state of unpublishment.
Just like us, David was shocked by Gretchen's win on this year's "Project Runway", and below is his take on the debacle.
The Paul Lynde of Project Runway
.November 1, 2010
Michael Kors is a caricature and just perhaps angry that Mondo is the first gay character on Project Runway (gay is an unnecessary moniker –we can say first character, period; and we do need to say character – because none of these people is playing him or herself). .
The man who took it to heart that New Yorkers are afraid to wear anything that isn’t black plays the stock gay character who makes witty, bitchy remarks to people and says “hello?” a lot. He is the Paul Lynde of today, with quick retorts which seem clever yet obviously scripted before. In the past, these takedowns have been directed at the designer/contestants who play along: Yeah, yeah, he knows as well as we that Tim and Heidi gave us only 18 hours, goofy restrictions, and a last second twist that we had to sew each other’s garments with medical sutures, so when he says the dress looks like something Mother Theresa threw up on, we don’t take it seriously.
But then he turned on poor Jessica Simpson. I’m not calling her “poor.” That’s the adjective that must precede her name now, to which a Google search of her name will attest. Kors attacked her for not knowing the current trend of fashion that is Gretchen’s frumpy, burlappy, earth shoes-inspired, commune hospital gowns. In every shade of medium brown.
That’s the direction of fashion, he scolded her confused, plump visage. “Hello? Read a magazine!” I don’t know if she looked hurt because her fashion cred was attacked or because she did in fact read a magazine once. Poor Jessica: It’s not her fault Heidi tricked her and told her she would be a guest judge on Top Chef.
So now, why was Kors angry? (Continue reading by clicking here.)

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