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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Reality Is More Fun Than Reality

Once again, we're behind with our "Survivor" updates, but after the "black widow", Brenda, got voted off, we lost interest in the show. Let's face it, without a really good villain, these reality shows lose their edge. And then there was the truly wacky episode, last week, in which two contestants, NaOnka and Purple Kelly, both quit the show. We really hated to see crazy NaOnka go, she was a real loose cannon, which made the show a hell of a lot of fun to watch. You had no idea, nor did she, what she would do from minute to minute.
But hold on, the show breathed new life last night when Sash emerged as the new villain and one of the biggest snakes to ever play the game of "Survivor". In trying to decide how to vote in last night's tribal council, he lied to every single player on the show, and then went to the camera and bragged that he was lying. Wow. Do these people ever watch this show before they go on it? Don't they know that, eventually, everyone figures out you lied to them, and they almost never vote for that person to win. Jesus Q. Christ!
Sadly, the guy who got the axe last night was Benry, who we had predicted would win the whole thing. But lately, he's been doing well in the challenges, which always spooks the other, more physically weak players, and he also didn't realize he should have been campaigning harder to keep his alliance strong. Sometimes sitting on the sidelines and flying under the radar works in this game, but sometimes it gets your torch snuffed out.
We're down to the final six: Holly, Jane, Chase, Dan, Sash and Fabio. Fabio and Dan have no clue, they'll be easily picked off. No one wants to go to the finals with Jane because they all know she'll win in the jury vote, which leaves Sash, Chase and Holly. Both Chase and Sash have immunity idols, but Holly is a player, and she won't go away easily. The last two episodes should be really interesting.
Some are suprised that reality t.v. is still going strong ten years after "Survivor" kicked off the modern reality show genre, in fact, reality t.v. dominates television programming. But it shouldn't be a surprise, with our world going to hell in a handbasket economically, with no political leaders in sight who will work for real solutions, watching reality t.v. becomes the equivalent of getting into bed and pulling the covers over one's head. And we all need to do that every once in awhile.

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