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Monday, March 14, 2011

The Bitch is Back!

And you thought Omarosa was the most evil reality t.v. villain of all time? Well, you thought wrong. Meet reality t.v.'s newest wicked witch of the west, Star Jones. Jones, formerly of ABC's "The View", makes Omarosa look like Mother Teresa at a snuggle party for Easter bunnies. On last night's episode, the women talked Lisa Rinna, of gigantic lips fame, to become the project manager for the week's task because they suspected she would blow it and thus be voted off the show. The woman, as you can imagine, don't like Lisa Rinna. But the way that Jones immediately went after Rinna, and the way she talked to her was so undermining and so downright hateful, that we suddenly had chills when we flashed back and realized what the ladies on "The View" must have gone through all those years sharing a t.v. show with Ms. Jones.
We suspected something was up with Star Jones before last night's episode, because NeNe Leaks, another "Apprentice" contestant, appeared on "The Joy Behar Show" last week and had nothing nice to say about Jones. And now this morning, word has come that the legal department at NBC has become involved in some way in the spat between Jones and Rinna. Wow. All we can say is that the ratings on "Celebrity Apprentice" will probably go up with Jones' out of control behavior, which is great for the show, but Ms. Jones, please... when your behavior makes the housewives of New Jersey look classy by comparison, that's not such a good thing.

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