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Friday, March 11, 2011

Hey! There's No Crying in Survivor!

The biggest shocker in all of reality t.v. occurred last week when Russell, one of the biggest reality villains of all time, was voted off of Survivor in the early rounds of the game. But that moment was topped on Tuesday night when Russell lost his "redemption" duel against Matt, which meant that Russell is gone for good from the show.
If you're not a fan of CBS's "Survivor", this means nothing to you, but if you're a fanatic of the show, as are we, then you know that Russell has played the game twice before, and made it to the finals both times. Until last week, he had never been voted off the island.
But what was more fun was watching the famous bully dissolve into tears after his loss. Yes, that's right, Russell cried like a baby. But not to fear, he soon gathered himself and managed to insult his tribe-mates on his way out the door.
Of course we fear that the show won't be as entertaining without Russell, but don't worry, there are plenty of other weirdies on the show, including "Special Agent" Phillip, who is truly one of the strangest people we've ever seen on t.v.
And we can't end this reality show shout-out without calling out the writers over at The Wrap.com who today posted an article saying that "American Idol" is better without Simon Cowell. They even described Cowell as a "Debbie Downer". Really? What show are you watching? We're guessing that you guys like warm milk before Mommy tucks you in at night, and that you spend your nights dreaming of fluffy bunnies who nuzzle your cheek and fill your Easter Egg baskets with brightly colored eggs painted with politically correct, evironmentally-friendly dye. Jesus. Get real. "American Idol" sucks without Simon Cowell. And listening to J-Lo sweet-talk the awful singers makes us want to open a vein. Grow up, people!

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