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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gratuitous Male Nudity

Here at East Village Afternoon, we usually don't go in for the "gratuitous shirtless male" shot, but in Bradley Cooper's case, we'll make a rare exception. Ever since his star rose to the top of the Hollywood pecking order a few years back, you can't help but notice how impossibly cute this guy is; that infectious smile and eyes that almost literally twinkle are hard to resist. All he needed was a body to go with the face, right? Well, he got one, and it looks like it will be on full display in the new "A-Team" movie. Much has been made of Jake Gyllanhal's also blown-up, new body in the upcoming movie "Prince of Persia", but we have a feeling that Gyllanhal might just suffer a beat-down if he goes up against Bradley Cooper in Hollywood's new pec-a-thon.

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