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Friday, January 15, 2010

The Most Important Story in the World

The most important story in the world! No, we're not talking about the earthquake in Haiti, or the Massachusetts senate seat possibly going Republican or even Pres. Obama's threat to tax the big banks, no we're talking about the Jay Leno-Conan O'Brien dust-up.

First, we think our celebrity-obsessed society is spending way too much time on this topic, but since we're here, let's face facts. We're all adults here, right? The reason why Conan O'Brien is about to lose his show is for one reason: he's not funny. Period.

If Conan O'Brien was funny, t.v. viewers would watch his show, he would garner big ratings, and his job would be secure. It's not rocket science, people, it's the t.v. business.

Conan's comedic style was always a little "off", not quite what we would describe as funny, and his interviewing skills are abysmal. In fact, watching O'Brien spend time with a guest is down-right squirm-inducing. He can't stop performing long enough to let the guest have a moment of his own; he keeps interrupting the guest's story to attempt one awkwardly unfunny stab at humor after another. We knew when Conan took over "The Tonight Show" it wouldn't last, and we were right, but even we were shocked that his reign collapsed after only seven months. Now if NBC would only finish the job of ridding their roster of miserably untalented comedic performers they'd give the axe to Jimmy Fallon and the truly awful "Saturday Night Live". God, we could only hope.

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