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Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Emmy Awards 2009

A few days ago we made a post about the ridiculousness of the Emmy Awards. They have about as much relevance to real entertainment as a Nobel Laureate's effect on the world is related to his ability to grow eyebrows. Emmy Awards are handed out like Halloween candy to fat fifth graders, only the candy is handed out less discriminately.

But just like most of the rest of America, we'll watch the Awards, if only to revel in the awesome awfulness of it all.

8:00 pm - Neil Patrick Harris and his gargantuan forehead and cro-magnon brow take the stage as host. He sings. We cringe. God, if only this guy was as funny and as talented as what CBS desperately wishes he were.

8:10 pm - Kristen Chenowith takes Supporting Actress in a Comedy, and the Yahoo Entertainment writer guy is 0 for 1 in his predictions of "who will win". We notice for the first time how tiny Chenowith is; the Emmy statuette is taller.

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