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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nightmare on Everyone's Street

Political writer John Heilemann wrote a recent piece for New York Magazine in which he laid out a plan by which Sarah Palin could actually become President of the United States. Okay. But more shocking, the t.v. political pundits have all been discussing the nightmarish possibility as if it could really happen. Bitch, please.
Before you panic at the thought of "President Palin", let us bring you back to reality. Remember this: in the two years that Mrs. Palin has been a household name, she has never, yet, answered any tough questions. Early on she granted interviews to Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson and what was the result? She became a national laughing stock. (And for which she blamed John McCain's staff.) From that point on, she never again granted an interview to a serious journalist or was forced to answer serious questions. She did participate in one debate with Joe Biden, but as with most televised debates, it was structured so that she wouldn't really have to answer any tough questions. And ever since losing her bid to become Vice President, her only public appearances have been in front of friendly, adoring Tea Party crowds and on Fox News. So that's a long way of saying that before Palin, or anyone for that matter, can actually be elected President, she'd have to go through months and months of tough grilling and an indepth analysis of everything she's ever done or said. And do you really think if the woman was ever seriously examined that she'd come off as anything more than an even bigger laughing stock than she already is? Get real. And with that reality in place, you can now sleep again at night. You're welcome.

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