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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The People Beneath The Stairs

We wrote last week about the magnificent television event that is PBS's mini-series freshly imported from England, "Downton Abbey". The "Gosford Park"-like tale of a pre-World War I upperclass family and their servants did not disappoint in the first episode, and this past Sunday night's Episode 2 got even better.
The family is scheming to find and groom an heir, Maggie Smith is scheming to make her granddaughter the heir, the servants are scheming for power and everyone's favorite devious gay, Thomas the Footman, made a move on the breathtakingly beautiful Mr. Pamuk, played by the breathtakingly beautiful actor, Theo James.
"Downton Abbey" is easily the best thing on t.v. right now, and we cannot wait to see the final two episodes.
Coincidentally, just today, there was a discussion on National Public Radio about the Republicans' continuing efforts to defund Public Radio and Public Television. One commentor mentioned the irony of a political party which claims to represent the ideals of family values and which claims to always consider "the safety of children", yet is working to destroy the one television network which produces material which is not only acceptable for families and their children, but is actually considered
"educational" for children. But as we've said many, many times here at East Village Afternoon, this shouldn't be a surprise as irony is completely lost on Republicans. Oh well, if the Republicans destroy PBS, the network which produces "Sesame Street", then at least their children will still have the quality television that is Bravo's "The Real Housewives of New Jersey". Now that's educational t.v.!

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